Australian white shepherds have many names — white swiss shepherd, white german shepherd, berger blanc suisse — but all are from the same genetic makeup unless they are imported.

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Welcome to Farseer; we are a small non-breeding kennel in Adelaide, South Australia. Our white shepherds are in training for dog sports.

Farseer white shepherds is dedicated to Merlin, my magical white shepherd who made me fall in love with the breed. My white shepherd world began the day Merlin arrived in late in 2003. I have never regretted a single second of welcoming a white shepherd into my life.

Merlin is such a little character, completely devoted and is quick to learn. His favourite things are agility, obedience, his  toys (no-one believes how many he has) and just loves playing with his friends and time at the beach. This website began from wanting to share my journey with this incredible breed.

After 2 years of searcing our beautiful little girl Tala joined us late in 2007. She is turning into everything we could dream of with a fantastic working temperament. Tala has truly become a treasured member of our family.

Please keep visiting to follow our journey with our friends as we add stories, news and fun stuff.

And don't forget to sign our guestbook and you can even email Merlin. He just loves getting mail.
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Formerly Blizaard White Shepherds ... resigning from the White Swiss Shepherd Dog Club of Australia's committee and club  gives us a whole new identity and life.
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white shepherd merlin at the beach
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White Shepherds

United White Shepherds of South Australia has launched — go to
A website for those wantiing more information on the white shepherd, white German Shepherd, white Swiss shepherd 

NEW - check out our new blog see me working with my young white shepherd Tala

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ë new photos of Merlin & Tala

last updated April 2009 ... keep watching more updates coming soon fact almost every page will be updated in the coming weeks ...
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Please note — neither of my white German shepherds are ANKC papered dogs — they were bred by backyard breeders. This does not make them any less special to me. Merlin is registered on the ANKC Associate Register for dog sports but this does not give him ANKC purebred papers. It merely means he has an ANKC Registraton number that allows him to compete in ANKC sanctioned dog sports.
Stop Press...Stop Press... As of January 1, 2009 the Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC) now recognises the white Swiss shepherd as a new breed in Australia. The ANKC now issues papers for imported white Swiss shepherds with full FCI pedigree papers and that have no Australian bloodlines in them.

Any breeder offering papers from any other organisation other than the ANKC when selling their dogs or puppies are not issuing Australian recognised pedigree papers. Only ANKC registered breeders with ANKC pedigreed dogs can sell puppies with Australian pedigree papers. While other organisatons' claim to issue pedigree papers these are merely some sort of record of the dog's parentage and, in some cases, possible parentage. They are not recognisable in Australia or anywhere else in the world as pedigree papers.

The myth being spread by some parties that the ANKC no longer registers German shepherd dogs, with the coat colour white is incorrect. The ANKC does register white German shepherds that are bred from ANKC registered German shepherd papered dogs and breeders. These dogs are registered on the Limited Register as the colour white is a genetic colour breeding fault. It is the choice of the ANKC registered breeder on whether these puppies are registered or not.

Buyer Beware — If you are not buying an ANKC pedigreed whie Swiss shepherd or white German shepherd dog with papers then you should not be paying any more than $600 for your beloved pet. Pedigree or not — these dogs excel at obedience, agility and any dog sport — there is no reason to be just another backyard breeder.
Tala at 12 weeks old

Farseer White Shepherds

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